7 things That Don’t Make Sense To You But Do To Your Cat.

The truth is that there are lots of things you don’t actually know about your cat and this post is going to help you understand her even more.

things that make sense to your cat

cat behavior change

Despite the love that you’ve got for your cat, there is no doubt that there is some behavior which she must have exhibited in the past which will make you ask lots of questions. The truth is that there are lots of things you don’t actually know about your cat and this post is going to help you understand her even more.

The major aim of this post is to show you some of those things which make sense to your cat but not to you. There is no doubt that you will be amazed by some of the facts being exposed below.

1 – Covering up

Have you ever served your cat a dish and noticed that she is trying to cover it like something from a litter box? You may be wondering whether the food actually stinks or is good enough at such a point. This is normal behavior and as such, shouldn’t trouble you in any way. In case your cat is unable to finish her food and covers it, such is only a way to ensure that it is protected from predators that may be around. It is a survival instinct.

2 – Paper Weight

Have you noticed your cat seating on a sheet of paper even when there are lots of toys around to play with? It can even decide to sit on it when there are other spots or locations around a room. This kind of behavior will make you ask what is going on. There is no need to panic as she only wants to be elevated. Also, if you are reading a paper and she sits on it, your attention is needed over something.

3 – The crazy dance

In this case, your cat will begin to run around the house like there is something she is after. She will not only run but also dance in a strange way. You don’t have to be worried about such behavior as it could be that she just wants to let off some steam.

things that make sense to your cat
things that make sense to your cat

4 – The Rear View

You must have seen your cat jump on your lap after which she will then face another direction. Most people see this behavior as insulting but it isn’t in the real sense. Rather, your cat is only exhibiting feelings of trust.

5 – The Paw Dip

You must be wondering why your cat doesn’t drink normal water. Rather, she prefers dipping her paws into a bowl of water and before getting the water licked off. This method is used by cats when bowls are too narrow or deep. They are more comfortable since they wouldn’t want to get their long whiskers squashed.

6 – Nibble and Puke

Most outdoor cats usually exhibit this behavior. They eat grass up to the point of vomiting. The question which you may be asking is why do cats actually prefer to be eating grass when they ought not to. There is a theory put forward to back up their actions which is to address stomach upset. There is also the belief that grass can help in making them vomit hairballs.

7 – Jekyll and Hyde

After a cat jumps on her owner’s lap, she will begin to curl up. You begin to pet her and in the process, she starts to purr. After some time, she hauls off and keeps you wondering what must have happened. It is only a sign that your cat has reached her tolerance threshold. If you decide to go any further, she may become aggressive.

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