Is Your Cat Better Off Alone? Or Do They Need Other Cats?

does your cat better off alone ?or need other cats whether cats do get lonely or not is one that is very popular among most owners and experts.

The subject of whether cats do get lonely or not is one that is very popular amongst most owners and experts. This is one aspect of your cat that you will need to understand properly in order to ensure that it is getting the best training over a given period of time.

In case you are trying to find out where to learn more about whether cats can get lonely or not, this is the right place. The reason is that this post will be discussing comprehensively cats with regard to whether they can be lonely or not.

Facts that you should know

You need to understand that cats are majorly affected by their immediate surroundings or environments. There is also how they have been nurtured over the course of time. This could be when they first got adopted.

Also, know that cats usually do spend about 15 – 16 hours sleeping every day. Whenever they are awake or active, they would always want to be around their parents. Depression may likely set in when there is no companionship. It doesn’t really necessarily have to be you as other cats or animals can play such companion roles.

Do they really get lonely?

The answer to this question can be said to be a combination of both. That is to say, they enjoy being lonely sometimes while there are times when they may want to mix up with other pets. Cats have been discovered to be solitary creatures in the aspect of eating and hunting. Animals like dogs can be very social but such isn’t the case with cats. One major mistake that most cat owners usually make is trying to put their kitties’ foods close to one another. This is a serious mistake as cats are solitary animals by nature. It means they don’t like the idea of eating close to each other.

Apart from wanting to be alone during mealtime, they have got some social needs that will have to be met. Some cats may want to be the only pet around the house while others (especially feral cats) can form colonies.

Their age is a factor

Kittens are prone to feeling lonely as compared to cats that are matured. They want their mothers around them at all times to ensure that their needs are met. However, as time goes on, the need to be left alone will begin to arise. Also, kittens develop in a much better way when there are playmates around. These help to ensure that their emotional needs are met.

For instance, when kittens are playing with one another, they have the chance of learning various social skills which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible to learn. They are more flexible from a social perspective when compared to other matured cats.


Based on the above, it is obvious that the subject of cats being lonely is one that isn’t conclusive since there are lots of variables or factors involved.

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