Ways Your Cat Show’s Love

Cats are proving to be wonderful pets. This is perhaps why most homeowners are having them around

cat show love

Cats are proving to be wonderful pets. This is perhaps why most homeowners are having them around. The primary reason is that they have been known to show lots of affection to their owners and others around them. This is something most cat owners can’t seem to identify or even know much about.

It is important to note that cats are different when it comes to showing affection like other pet animals. The major aim of this post will be to show you the various ways that they usually show love. Just ensure to read each of them and observe your cat know when she is displaying any such behavior.

1 – Purring

Although there are various ways that cats can show affection, purring is one of the most common and obvious. This means you can easily tell when your cat is trying to show love once she begins to produce such sound. It is a rumbling and vibrating sound that your cat produces whenever you tend to be petting her.

2 – Rolling

It may shock you to know that cats also roll themselves on the ground like children. However, while children will do this during the tantrum, cats use it as a sign of being excited. Your cat can begin to throw herself on the ground once she sees you coming as a way of greeting.

3 – Their tails

This is another way that cats show affection which most of their owners aren’t aware of. Through the tail of your cat, different types of emotional messages can be sent across. It isn’t only to display aggression and fear but also for affection.

Your cat will show a sign of affection when her tails get wrapped around her legs. Another instance is when the base of her tail is fluffed while being quivered.

cat show love

4 – Their eyes

Have you seen your cat showing those half-closed eyes? There is no need to panic as it is only a sign of trust and affection. In such an instance, the eyes will be blinking in a very slow way. Blinks like these are referred to as cat kisses.

They are reciprocal which means you can also blink your eyes to tell her how much you love her too. This sign helps to build trust and the relationship between a cat and its owner.

5 – Through various languages

There are lots of sounds or noises that your cat can produce to show affection. These could be mews, trills, purrs, chirrs, and others. These are ways of showing affection to special people around them. It is just like the purring sound being explained above.

6 – Sleeping

It has been discovered that cats do sleep for about 16 hours every day. This means they can be very vulnerable to being prey while sleeping which is why they usually choose trusted locations to rest. Therefore, anytime a cat decides to sleep on your laps, it means she trusts and loves you.

7 – Playing

Kittens don’t play with anybody they come around. In other words, whoever they choose to play with must be trusted and loved. If your cat finds you to be her favorite playmate, it means she loves you.

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