8 Things About Bengal Cats

Bengal cats have been discovered to be cross breeds between domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cat.

bengal cats

Bengal cats are special breeds amongst others. This means that if you are thinking about owning one, it is very important that you discover some facts about them. This knowledge will help to ensure a great and healthy relationship between you and such a cat breed. Even if you own this breed, there is no doubt that you haven’t really known some top facts about it.

This post will be aiming to show you some of the top facts about Bengal cats. Some of them may even sound very strange to you. There is no doubt that after finding out these facts; you will be able to train your Bengal breed in a much better way.

1 – Wild ancestry

Bengal cats have been discovered to be crossbreeds between domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cat. It should be noted that the majority of the Bengal cats which are being sold are domestic cats since their wild blood is very little. They have got a very wild look though. 

2 – Living in peace with other pets

Do you have some other pet animals around your home like dogs and birds? Do you know that Bengal cats can live with such pet animals without any trouble? This means they can easily coexist with other animals in your home. There will not be any chasing around.

bengal cats
Bangal cat

3 – They love water

Most Bengal cats love the water which may sound quite strange. This is why they will enjoy the shower routine every single day. There are some that can even drink water from the faucet. Even if you found a Bengal cat that doesn’t enjoy shower exercises, you will notice that it loves staying around the tub like a bodyguard. The reason is that they aren’t allergic to water. 

4 – Avid climbers

This is perhaps another fact about Bengal cats. They love climbing due to their athletic nature. This is why they will get to places that can’t be assessed. They can also jump very well like their ancestors. This is why you should ensure there are those things around the home that she can climb. Alternatively, ensure to take her out at periodic intervals for some climbing and jumping exercises.

5 – Attention seekers

Bengal cats are always seeking the attention of their owners. Their developments will be hindered when they are ignored. This means you need to create time for them in order to avoid any emotional problems.

6 – They are great companions

When it comes to companionship amongst the various cat breeds, there is none that comes close to Bengal breed. They will follow you everywhere you are going just for the sake of keeping your company.

7 – They have some dog attributes

There is very little difference between Bengal cats and dogs. That is to say, they share lots of similarities. The games they enjoy playing are similar to those of dogs. Despite all of these, always remember that they are still cats.

8 – High level of intelligence

Bengal cats are very intelligent breeds that you will need to be challenging mentally. They are always eager to learn tricks and concepts that are new. Don’t be afraid of teaching them how to behave in public and around the home. This is because they are fast learners.

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