Top Flea Treatment Your Cat Need.

there are other parasites affecting cats as discovered by experts over the years, they seem to be commonly affected by fleas

Although there are other parasites affecting cats as discovered by experts over the years, they seem to be commonly affected by fleas. These bugs will only cause irritation in cats as they are capable of passing other parasites like tapeworms. There are instances when such parasites can bring about skin allergies and anemia. Fleas can also make your cat prone to bacterial infection and eventually make you suffer from Bartonella and Yersinia pestis.

Based on the above, there is no doubt that you must be very anxious to find out how fleas can be gotten rid before it begins to affect the health of your cat. There is no need to bother as this post will be aiming to tell you everything about the best flea treatments for cats.

What you should know

The first thing you have to understand about fleas is that there are several factors that should be considered before choosing an ideal treatment method for your cat. These could be factors such as side effects, formulation cost safety, and effectiveness.

For instance, when you are looking out for flea product that is effective, always remember to check whether it contains adulticide. This will enable it to get rid of adult fleas even before they begin to lay eggs. Alternatively, you can look out for insect growth regulator which ensures that flea eggs are regulated. Below are some of the best flea treatments for cats.

1 – Sprays, Shampoos, and dips

This method of treating fleas is effective. However, you have to note that it is only effective during the application time. This means that hatching fleas will still develop since they will not be killed. There are lots of cat flea shampoo products in the market. Just ensure that you are choosing the one which can be used on your cat without any possible side effect.

2 – Cat Flea Collars

This is another great option for pet owners. The reason is that the side effects aren’t only minimal as it is also very easy to make use of. Flea collars produced in the past aren’t effective when compared to the ones manufactured in recent times. This is because active ingredients are emitted by the latter which get rid of fleas before they start biting.

3 – Injectable Flea Control

This option is administered by a veterinarian. The cat is injected in order for fleas to be gotten rid of. This injection is expected to last for a period of 6 months. It contains lufenuron which is an active ingredient that can prevent the development of flea eggs as well as larvae. Note that this method of treatment doesn’t get rid of adult fleas.

4 – Flea spray

There are different types of spray in the market which have proven to be very effective. These will not only prevent fleas from developing but also get rid of the existing ones. If you notice your kitten is biting and scratching, just get a spray.

5 – Spot – on

These are other effective treatment options. They are liquid parasiticides (ready to use) for topical administration. You can apply it on the head or back of your cat once every month. Their effectiveness may be reduced by bathing though. This means you will need to reduce the rate at which your cat is bathed.

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